Cheddleton Parish Council


Cheddleton Parish Council owns and operates three burial grounds in and around the village.   St Edward's Lawn Cemetery (shown above) is a five acre burial ground situated adjacent to the A520 and the St Edward's Park housing development.  In addition to burial plots, it has a section for the interment of ashes.  As the photograph shows, St Edward's Lawn Cemetery is in a well maintained, quiet and peaceful setting and access is either from the A520 Leek Road for pedestrians only, or from the car park accessed through the woods from East Drive.

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Burial Ground Data Protection Form

Burial Ground Regulations

Burial Ground Garden of Remembrance Regulations

In addition to the currently used St Edward's Lawn Cemetery, the Council is responsible for the Asylum Burial Ground on the site of the old St Edwards's Psychiatric Hospital and also the small Cheddleton Lawn Cemetery, containing the graves of 15 hospital patients, situated alongside the burial ground of St Edward's Church in Cheddleton village.

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Asylum Burial Ground - Register of Burials

This is a copy of the register of patients buried in the Asylum BG 1,389 listed.



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