Cheddleton Parish Council




      The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in Wetley Rocks Village Hall,

      Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks on Tuesday, 15th. June 2021 starting at 7.30pm. Due to 

      Covid restrictions can any members of the public/press please contact the Clerk

      prior to the meeting to register your attendance as limited numbers can attend to

      avoid disappointment.







        34.         Apologies.

        35.         Declarations of Interest.

        36.         Members’ Sec. 33 Dispensation Requests.

        37.         Announcements - 3 Planning Applications.

        38.         Letters of Resignations/ Vacancies for 4 Members Council/Committees.

        39.         Public Question Time.

        40.         Minutes of the Meeting 4th. May 2021.

        41.         Matters arising therefrom.

        42.         Internal Audit Report Accounts 2020/2021.

        43.         End of Year Accounts 2020/2021 - Statement of Assurance.

        44.         End of Year Accounts 2020/2021 - Annual Return.

        45.         Ground Maintenance Issues/Handyman Works/Building Works.

        46.         Basford Bridge Lane Bridges/CCTV.

        47.         Update on Defibrillators.

        48.         Planning Appeal 3272703 - SMD/2020/0447 - Land at Basford View, Cheddleton -

                  Proposed affordable dwelling and replacement of garage with car port.

        49.         Planning Appeal 3274342 - SMD/2020/0575 - Stanhopea, Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks -

                  Formation of vehicular access - Refused 11/02/2021.

        50.         Update on St. John’s Drive, Wetley Rocks.

        51.         Update Amey Reports 4155294 & 4033243 - Road Damage - Park Lane, Cheddleton.

        52.         Staffordshire Parish Councils Association - Membership/Courses.

        53.         Proposed prohibition of waiting at any time - Junction of Southlowe Road/ A52   

                  Cellarhead Road, Werrington - Staffordshire County Council consultation.

        54.         Pavement along A520 from Wall Lane Terrace to over the bridge, Cheddleton, safety

                  for pedestrians especially school children.

        55.         Tree Cutting Hollow Lane, Cheddleton.

        56.         Refurbishment of Bus Shelter - Heath House, A520, Cheddleton.

        57.         DougieMac Hospice request for funding.

        58.         Chairmans Christmas Card Collection.

        59.         Reports of Committees and Outside Bodies: -

          a.         Planning & Amenities Committee.

          b.        Reports of Outside Bodies - SMDC Committees, CCLA Webinar, Support

          Staffordshire Volunteer Awards, SLCC Staffordshire Branch Meeting

        60.         Accounts.

        61.         Correspondence: -

          a.         Amey Report 4226569 - Damaged Bollard – Layby Cheadle Road, Cheddleton - 

          Scheduled 10-11/06/2021.

          b.        Amey Report 4157049 - Road Damage - Bones Lane, Cheddleton - Scheduled 


          c.         Amey Report 4226573 - Road Damage - Hollow Lane, Cheddleton - Completed


          d.        SMD/2021/0242 - Southfields Farm, Leek Road, Wetley Rocks - Creation of

          vehicular access - Refused 27/05/2021.

          e.         Public Sector Deposit Fund update.

          f.          Data Protection Officer - Staffordshire County Council.

          g.        Sports & Play Consulting Ltd - Play/Sports facility.

          h.        Stop Loan Sharks - Spring Newsletter.

          i.          The Community Fund - Spring Update.

          j.          Canal & River Trust Update.

          k.        Leek Rugby Club - Party on the Pitch Saturday - 10/7/2021.

          l.          Live & Local - Indoor and Outdoor performances for rural communities.

          m.      Staffordshire County Council - My Staffordshire Newsletter.

          n.        Rialtas Software - Newsletter.

          o.        Amey Report 4243657 - Sink Hole - Plough Bank, Wetley Rocks - Completed


          p.        Amey Report 4243874 - Potholes - Zebra Crossing, Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks.

          q.        Amey Report 4243877 - 50mph Sign - Leek Road, Wetley Rocks.

          r.          Fields in Trust - Green Spaces for Good.

     s.        Action Fraud Alerts.

          t.          Moorlands Climate Action - HUG Green Arts Festival Saturday, 26/06/2021

          62.         Public Question Time.

          63.         Planning Applications

         a.       SMD/2021/0221 - Knowsley Farm, Knowsley Road, Stanley - Conversion of a

         former milking parlour into ancillary residential accommodation. Reconstruction of  

         existing boot room with thermal structure and construction of a small side extension.

         The alterations to the existing dwelling serve to extend and improve the existing 3rd

         bedroom and bathroom accommodation.

         b.      SMD/2021/0352 - Land East of Cellarhead Battery Site, Rownall Road, Wetley

         Rocks - Adoption of an Environmental Impact Assessment screening opinion.

         c.       SMD/2021/0356 - 10, Boucher Road, Cheddleton - Proposed Single Storey Side

         Extension to Dwelling.


Ms. L. J. Eyre

Parish Clerk