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Councillor Vacancy for Southlowe Ward of Cheddleton Parish Council

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The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Wetley Rocks Village Hall, Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks on Tuesday, 18th. Junes 2019 starting at 7.30pm.


1.      Apologies.

2.      Minutes of the meeting of the 14th. May 2019.

3.      Matters arising therefrom.

4.      Co-option of New Councillors for 1 vacancy – Southlowe Ward.

5.      Co-opted Councillor to sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

6.      Announcements. 4 Planning Applications at the end of the Meeting.

7.      Members’ Declarations of Interest.

8.      Members’ Sec. 33 Dispensation Requests.

9.      Public Question Time.

10.   Committee Member vacancies/ Planning Committee Members.

11.   Extra Signatories for NatWest Bank Account.

12.   Funding for Community Centre Old Boiler Room project.

13.   SMDC – Lengthsman’s Scheme 2019-20.

14.   Memorial Seat St Edwards Lawn Cemetery.

15.   Hedge overhanging the pavement on Folly Fields, Cheddleton.

16.   Monitoring of Grounds Maintenance division of the area.

17.   Clerk’s Annual Appraisal.

18.   Reports of Committees and Outside Bodies: -

     a.   Community/Craft Centre Management Committee Meeting.

b.      Planning & Amenities Committee Meeting.

c.       Footpaths & Countryside Committee Meeting. (Minutes Issued at the Meeting.)

d.      Reports of Outside Bodies.

19.   Accounts.

20.   Correspondence: -

a.       NatWest Online Banking Activated.

b.      SLCC Website accessibility guidelines.

c.       Wetley Moor Common Consultative Panel next meeting Thursday 20th. June


d.      Schoolscapes – Outdoor Play equipment & planning.

e.       Mazar – Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19.

f.        SLCC – Update The Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

g.      Marsden Group – Baby/Toddler/ Adult Weighing Scales – Community Centre.

h.      Support Staffordshire - Staffordshire Moorlands Network & Funding Event. 26th.

June 2019.

i.        Amey Report 4160599 Road Sign Damaged Leek Road, Cheddleton.

j.        Little Stars Childcare – Hire of Community Centre.

k.      Support Staffordshire – Nationwide Community Grants programme – Closing

Date 5th. July 2019.

l.        Leek RUFC – Volunteers Weekend 22nd & 23rd June 2019.

m.    Douglas MacMillan Hospice Donation Request.

n.      Defibrillator Appeal for Parish Councils.                                                          

21.  Public Question Time.

22.  Confidential Item - Public Sector Deposit Fund Investment.

23.  Planning Applications.

a.       SMD/2019/0318 – Land West of Sutherland Road, Longsdon. Change use of 

land for recreational camping including the erection of eight camping pods and an

amenity building.

b.      SMD/2019/0271 – Heath House Farm, Ostlers Lane, Cheddleton. Extension to

farmyard including alterations to land levels.

c.       SMD/2019/0143 – Land Adjacent 10 Ox Pasture, Cheddleton. Outline application

for residential development all matters reserved. Consultation on amended

Plans/Revised description.

d.      SMD/2019/0352 – Ringe Hay Farm, Basford Green Road, Basford. Outline

application, including access (all other matters reserved), for the erction of an

environmentally sustainable, zero-carbon eco-home built into the enhancement and

improvement of the entire holding; and the deposit and re-use of excavated