Cheddleton Parish Council


















The next meeting of the Parish Council will be will be an Extraordinary meeting and held in the Craft Centre Meeting Room, Cheddleton on Tuesday, 20th. August 2019 starting at 7.30pm.

1.      Apologies.

2.      Minutes of the meeting of the 16th. July 2019.

3.      Matters arising therefrom.

4.      Announcements. 4 Planning Applications at the end of the Meeting.

5.      Members’ Declarations of Interest.

6.      Members’ Sec. 33 Dispensation Requests.

7.      Public Question Time.

8.      Grounds Maintenance/ Additional Works – Full update of areas and any issues.

9.      Overhanging Trees Randles Lane, Wetley Rocks.

10.   Temporary Traffic Regulation Order – St. Hilda’s Avenue, Cheddleton – Starts

Thursday 5thSeptember – Completed by Monday 9th September 2019.

11.    Completion of the Audit for the year ended 31st. March 2019.

12.    SLCC National Conference 2nd & 3rd October 2019.

13.    North Staffordshire Railway Company request for Financial Assistance.

14.    Reports of Committees and Outside Bodies:-

     a.   Burial Gound Committee Meeting.

b.     Community/Craft Centre Management Committee Meeting.

c.      Reports of Outside Bodies -    Parish Assembly.

     -       SMDC Committees.

15.    Accounts.

16.    Correspondence: -

a.       Amey Report 4154570 – Junction of Armshead Road and Rownall Road – Road

Markings. Completed 12th. July 2019.

b.      Amey Report 4157047 – Cheadle Road, Cellarhead – Pothole opposite to

Moorside School and near to the Bus Stop. Closed 5th. July 2019.

c.       Amey Report 4165161 – Hollow Lane, Cheddleton – Pathways and verges

overgrown opposite to Craft Centre. Now been cut back but report remains open.

d.      Amey Report 4165166 – Leek Road, Wetley Rocks – Pathways and verges

overgrown from Wetley Manor Care Home entrance.

e.       Amey Report 4165169 – Leek Road, Wetley Rocks – No Road Markings from

Methodist Church through to Bus Stop.

f.        Amey Report 4165176 – Hollow Lane/ Ostlers Lane, Cheddleton Parking

Restriction. Update Highway Inspector visited.

g.      Thank you Card from Mrs. Barbara Hine.

h.      CPRE Updates and Thank you for contribution to the Raffle.

i.        Creative Play – Play equipment.

j.        Earth Anchors – Benches/ Notice Boards.

k.      Fields In Trust – Public Liability Insurance.

l.        Jim Hadgett – Glendale Grounds Maintenance Services.

m.    GeViews – DropPit Cigarette Bin.

n.      Amey Report 4166784 – Shaffalong Lane, Cheddleton – Report Japanese


o.      Kompan – Play Equipment.

p.      Leek Rugby Club – Goldwing Motorcyle Camping Weekend.

q.      NHS North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare – Feedback & Update.

r.        Plantscape – New Herb Planters.

s.       Playdale – Playground Equipment.

t.        Tree Preservation Order SM.314 (2019) Land adjacent to Caldon Canal, rear of

10, Cheadle Road, Cheddleton.

u.      Bob Allen, Structures Engineer Staffordshire County Council response to Bridge

Signage Basford Bridge Lane.

v.      Minutes of the Wetley Moor Consultative Panel Meeting.

w.    Staffordshire Wildlife Newsletter.

x.      Dale Weston, LM Bateman & Co. Ltd. Confirmation of approval of drawings of the

Zipwire Platform.

17.     Public Question Time.

18.     Planning Applications.

a.       SMD/2019/0448 – Land At Eastern End Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks. Application to

vary a Section S106 planning obligation relating to SMD/2014/0777.

b.      SMD/2019/0451 – Land At Rear of Former St Johns School Mill Lane, Wetley

Rocks. Proposed construction of replacement access road.

c.       Revised SMD/2019/0302 – Land At Cheddleton Park Avenue, Cheddleton. Outline

application seeking approval of layout, scale and means of access for ten dwellings,

re-submission of SMD/2018/0174.

d.      SMD/2019/0495 – 8, St. Edwards Road, Cheddleton, Proposed front single storey