Cheddleton Parish Council




    The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at Wetley Rocks Village Hall,  

    Mill Lane, Wetley Rocks on Tuesday, 21st. September 2021 starting at 7.30pm.

    Due to Covid restrictions being lifted but to remain safe can any members of the

    public/press please contact the Clerk prior to the meeting to register your






     98.         Apologies.

     99.         Co-option of New Councillors for 4 vacancies - 3 Cheddleton Ward & 1 Southlowe


     100.     Additional Committee Members for various Committees.

     101.     Declarations of Interest.

     102.     Members’ Sec. 33 Dispensation Requests.

     103.     Announcements - 1 Planning Application. 92nd Birthday & Arrival of Baby Flowers.

     104.     Public Question Time.

     105.     Minutes of the Meeting 20th. September 2021.

     106.     Matters arising therefrom.

     107.     Ground Maintenance Issues/Handyman Works/Building Works.

     108.     Update Basford Bridge Lane Bridges/CCTV.

     109.     Completion of the Audit for the year ended 31st. March 2021.

     110.     Insurance Renewal.

     111.     Norton 360 & Microsoft Office Annual Renewal.

     112.     Update Street Light Ashcombe Road, Cheddleton.

     113.     Village Gateway Signs.

     114.     Update on Defibrillators.

     115.     Quote for Tree Works required Oak Tree next to 12, Cheddleton Park Avenue.

     116.     47, Cheadle Road, Cheddleton overhanging tree.

     117.     Resident’s report of Anti-social behaviour.  

     118.     Update on Creche, Community Centre.

     119.     Community Centre Mobile Structural Survey.

     120.     Update on St Johns Drive Housing Development.

     121.     Update on Basford Green, Cheddleton - Road/Verge Damage.

     122.     Update on Park Lane, Cheddleton road issues/works.

     123.     Update on New Council Website.

     124.     Proposed Allotments Wetley Rocks, Mill Lane.

     125.     Non-consecrated Area in St. Edwards Lawn Cemetery.

     126.     Council Dinner.

     127.     Lands Charity Maintenance/ Queens Commonwealth Tree.

     128.     Reports of Committees and Outside Bodies: -

       a.         Planning & Amenities Committee.

       b.        Footpath & Countryside Committee.

       c.         Finance Committee (Confidential).

       d.        Reports of Outside Bodies - SMDC Committees, Cautionary Lands Charity.

     129.     Accounts.

     130.     Correspondence: -

       a.         SMD/2021/0496 - Land at Greenfields Farm, Thorney Edge Road, Bagnall -

       Proposed development: solar farm approximately 1.5MW with energy storage

       capacity of up to 57MW on 4.25 hectares of land at Greenfields Farm, ST9 9LA.

       Strong Objection - Screening Opinion - EIA Not required 10/9/2021.

       b.        SMD/2021/0436 - The Barn, Ringe Hay Farm, Basford Green Road, Basford -

       Erection of side extension to provide kitchen extension. No Objection - Refused


       c.         Planning Appeal 3264486 - SMD/2019/0352 - Ringe Hay Farm, Basford Green

       Road, Basford – Appeal dismissed 6/8/2021.

       d.        Climate Change by small actions.

       e.         Moorland Climate action newsletter.

       f.          My Staffordshire Newsletter.

       g.        BHIB Council Insurance risk management.

       h.        Endon with Stanley Parish Council – Benches on Caldon Canal.

       i.          Active Places updates.

       j.          Action Fraud Alerts.

       k.        HMRC scam email.

       l.          Staffordshire County Council update to bus services.

       m.      NHS 111 First Programme.

       n.        Pension Regulator.

       o.        SMDC War on Fly Tipping.

       p.        Manchester Airport our future.

       q.        Community Foundation Grant.

       r.          Report of Fly Tipping – Ernvale, Station Road, Cheddleton.

       s.         Advanced Proteins Liaison Group Meeting - re-scheduled to 24/9/2021.

       t.          SPCA/SCC Update Webinar 27/9/21.

       u.        Woodlands Trust plant trees.

     131.     Public Question Time.

     132.     Planning Applications

      a.       SMD/2021/0564 - Felthouse Farm, Cheadle Road, Cheddleton - Alterations to  

      existing plant storage building to form biomass boiler housing and wood chip store.


Confidential Meeting of the Finance Committee

The next meeting of the Finance Committee will be held in Cheddleton Community Centre, Hollow Lane, Cheddleton on Thursday, 16th. September 2021 at 7.30pm. This meeting is not an open meeting so no members or the public/press are allowed to attend.



Ms. L. J. Eyre

Parish Clerk